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And here! It's been a week since the 2015’European Championships in Belfast are completed. It is more than time to thank our hosts for the huge amount of work they have done to offer us the opportunity to bring together our beautiful family of the European Dodgeball. Thank you, North-Irish friends, thanks to you we ... More

Thank you once again, and see you in Paris 2016!

On behalf of the organising committee at the Northern Ireland Dodge Ball Association – NIDBA, we’d like to thank you for participating in this year’s European Dodgeball Championships in our home town of Belfast. We have gone to such extensive measures to ensure this event was possible, and we are ... More

What a weekend for Wales Dragons – International Dodgeball Team!

What a weekend! Wales Dragons took 3 teams to the European Championships in Belfast with high hopes in all three competitions. The group stages were a bumpy ride, with the opening game for the Women ending in an 8-2 defeat to last year's hosts, Austria; the Men taking a hard 8-2 defeat at the hands of rivals Scotland; ... More

The full results from the Belfast Euros Dodgeball 2015

Here are the full results from the Belfast Euros 2015. Separate pages for the group results and the play-offs in the order the matches were played, pages for each group table with all the results and the results for each tournament's Knock Out stages with EDBF rankings. ... More

The new Women’s European Dodgeball Champions

Photo of the new Women's European Dodgeball Champions, Wales Dragons - International Dodgeball Team. They defeated England Lions Ladies in a thrilling Overtime victory at the semi-final stage, thanks to a brilliant catch with just 2 seconds remaining from Laura Pickering and they then put on a near perfect performance ... More

Азиатски турнир по народна топка – 2015

Азиатски турнир по народна топка - 2015 Федерацията по народна топка Австралия има удоволствието да ви представи официалното лого на първенството по азиатската народна за 2015 ... More

European Dodgeball Federation поддържа Константин Миладинов – Kim Reiki ! – Фондация Ким Рейки

Потърсих по телефона президента на Европейската федерация по народна топка Ник Пинък в офиса му край Лондон. Той изрази задоволството си от работата по развитието на народна... More

Belfast Euro Dodgeball Championships 2015

Тhe Official HD video for the Belfast Euros - Official Group Draw Европейското първенство по народна топка "Belfast Euro Dodgeball Championships 2015" ще се проведе тази година между 28-30 август в PEC Куинс в Белфаст, Северна ... More


ПРОЕКТ "НАРОДНА ТОПКА БЪЛГАРИЯ ®"- ФОНДАЦИЯ „КИМ РЕЙКИ“ Уважаеми сънародници, през последните 100 години светът и в частност скъпата ни родина – България, бяха арена на непрес... More

Спорт за всички, игра за всеки !

Спорт за всички, игра за всеки ! Обръщение към всички!   Когато видях, че с политика не става, започнах да търся друго средство. Омръзна ми от нечестни политици и безкраен пре... More