Dodgeball Federation Bulgaria is officially registered

Dodgeball Federation Bulgaria is officially registered


With the licence issued on 02.05.2018  by the Ministry of Youth and Sports the „Dodgeball Bulgaria“ Federation is the national governing body of this sport in our country. The Association is now the Federation „Dodgeball Bulgaria“ and will work for the public interest.


At this stage, the Federation is not financed by the State. It relies on clear ideas, clear intentions and simple rules, its own staff and the help of volunteers. The strategy is to achieve measurable benefit to every honest person through activities with Dodgeball.


„Dodgeball Bulgaria“ Federation strives to create a regulated environment for competition in this sport and works for the expansion of the base and improvement by incorporating teams without age restrictions. There will be women’s, men’s and mixed teams that will compete in the National Cup competitions and tournaments and Championships among pupils and students.


The „Dodgeball Bulgaria“ Federation will set up a Bulgarian national team, which will represent the country at World and European Championships. The Federation is the guarantee of development for everyone by maintaining the appropriate rules based on fairness and equality.


After the necessary registration according to the Bulgarian law we officially joined the European Federation membership in the World Association of dodgeball. Federation „Dodgeball Bulgaria“ is the Coordinator of the dissemination of the rules and principles of this sport, the promotion of knowledge and best practices gained from other organisations with which cooperation is established.


„Dodgeball Bulgaria“ Federation is responsible for organizing good players into national teams for participation in international competitions.


„Dodgeball Bulgaria“ Federation relies on sponsors to promote this sport as part of physical education and culture in Bulgaria.


We thank all our friends who helped us, who believed in an idea, derived from a simple conversation. We are grateful to those who witnessed how this word „dodgeball“ switched overnight in a dream that came true. A dream which will represent Bulgaria around the world with pride.

President Dodgeball Federation Bulgaria

Konstantin Miladinov-Kim Reiki

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