Thank you once again, and see you in Paris 2016!

969589_596806453677293_1340424105_n European Dodgeball Federation

On behalf of the organising committee at the Northern Ireland Dodge Ball Association – NIDBA, we’d like to thank you for participating in this year’s European Dodgeball Championships in our home town of Belfast.

We have gone to such extensive measures to ensure this event was possible, and we are grateful for all the support many of you have given us over the last 11 or so months.

Four Star Pizza Belfast – We are sincerely grateful for your support to help make this event happen and the players certainly got their „pizza the action“.

United Kingdom Dodgeball Association (UKDBA), European Dodgeball Federation and World Dodgeball Association have been immense support in helping us delivery the event and we are extremely excited to see the debut of the Dodgeball World Cup next year!

This has truly been an exciting weekend and besides all the coordination, management and so on, we do wish it was longer…

We’re not done just yet – we still have many more photos and videos to come!

And if you enjoyed Belfast – Why not come again? We have the UKDBA’s Ulster Open on October 24th this year in the same venue and it would be awesome to see you bring your club!

Thank you once again, and see you in Paris 2016!


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Народна Топка България ®

Народна Топка България ®

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